16 Responses to “About”

  1. Lauren Burks Says:

    Was wondering if you could help me with a knapsack problem for my online class. Thanks.

  2. scvalex Says:

    I can try. What do you need?

  3. cihat imamoglu Says:

    very very nice blog! very well explained algorithms and codes are just as they should be, near, compact, and unbloated! please , pleaase keep on writing! =)

  4. Nati Says:

    you’re doing a holy job

    thanks man

  5. Adrian Says:

    This is a fantastic blog, a shame you do not keep it updated anymore. I’m working on some parallel shortest-path problems, and your blog has been extremely helpful.

  6. Peter Says:

    Hello to you, can i have your email contact ?

    I have read your website about the Lexicographic permutation generation algorithm.

    1. Why it is largest index in the first step ?

    If you loop from backward at last second element until to 0 and it is sorted, then the index will be zero.

    Can you explain ?


  7. muresan Says:

    is this web still active?

  8. tegin murat Says:

    wow ! fantastic blog. i hope you’ll keep writing…

  9. Yang Says:

    Gotta say, this blog has gotta be the best place to go to for graph algorithm implementations and explanations!

    Just got into graph theory and trying to understand how some algorithms work and how they can be implemented is hard when you’ve got little resources, no money and a weak math background :P Introduction to Algorithms confused me with all it’s proofs and other places don’t explain stuff.

    So thanks for all the great posts, going to read up on the Knapsack problem next :) And Langton’s Ant was interesting :P

    A shame to see that you’ve long since stopped posting. Anyways, thanks for all the useful stuff and hope you start posting stuff again, I’ll be watching out in hope ;)

  10. javier Says:

    Does anyone know the name of scvalex? I used some of his code in my graduate project and would like to give him credit.

  11. Really nice coding blog. It really helped me out to understand some algorithms. It’s really a pity that this blog is abandoned!

  12. medichismes Says:

    Thanks!!! This blog rocks!

  13. Neevan Says:

    I love ur blog….Please keep posting solutions to interesting problems…:)

  14. Aarnout Wieers Says:

    I look for an efficient all pairs Kth shortest path algorithm for a static positive-only weighted graph. Floyd-warshall calculates the shortes path, but do you know a solution to calculate the 2nd, 3rd …kth shortest path?

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